Monday, October 5, 2009

Annelise, the Very Insightful Preschooler

Annelise turns 4 tomorrow.  She is precocious in many ways, but one of my favorite ways is her insight.  We often refer to her as "The Quotable Preschooler", because she has such mature insights into life.

Half an hour ago, she was dozing in the recliner, watching Thomas the Tank Engine with her little brother.  I had gone upstairs to change clothes and finish dinner, and Maddie (6) came down and scared her.  She came to my room crying, having been startled out of sleep. 

As we were snuggling and talking, Maddie came in, upset at our neighbor girl.  The neighbor, Jacey, had been telling her that the 16 yr old girl up the street couldn't possibly want to hang out with Maddie, because she is only six.  (We know this to be untrue, Amelia teaches Maddie how to draw and paint, and makes cookies and banana bread with her.  She's even been invited to a tennis match.)  I reiterated to Maddie that what Jacey was saying was untrue.

Maddie wandered off, but Annelise and I were still in the bedroom.  Annelise looked at me and said, very eloquently, "I wish our guest, Jacey, would quit telling Maddie that Amelia doesn't like her.  It's mean.".  I giggled, I told her she was right, and that she should go tell Jacey that.  So she did.

Jacey was embarassed that she had been called down by a 3 year old.  She apologized to Maddie, and listened to me as I gave evidence that Amelia really does enjoy spending time with Maddie, even if she is only six.

Annelise often displays correct behaviour that we wish her sisters would emulate.  Pretty difficult when the example is the preschooler!


MammaMania said...

What a smarty! Isn't it amazing the things that come out of our litle ones mouths sometimes?

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