Friday, May 11, 2007

Annelise had a seizure today!!

Annelise had a seizure today

Yes, you read that right. Annelise, not my older daughter Ella (the one with the unspecified seizure disorder) had a seizure this afternoon.

Annelise was running a low grade fever about 4 pm today, and I gave her some allergy medicine to dry up her nose, and planned to let her fever burn. She had some pears, and we went to lay down in her room. She started seizing about quarter to five, and it was a very familiar sight, though of course terrifying, since I've been through this with Ella several times. Her eyes rolled back a little and fluttered, she was making motions with her mouth like she was trying to breathe but was not breathing, and she started to turn bluish-grey and was unresponsive. I know from my directions from Ella's neurologist that if she starts to turn blue, I am to give rescue breaths (covering her nose and breathing into her mouth). So I did that with Annelise. It didn't help. I did it again, and continued to watch her, and it didn't work a second time. I called 911, and while I was on the phone with the dispatcher, I gave her a third set of rescue breaths. She did finally breathe, but her seizure progressed at that point.. she put her arms up by her face and they were palsied in and twitching, and she was making chewing motions with her mouth, and her body was rigid. I would estimate her seizure lasted about 3 minutes. She finally relaxed and lay on the bed still, but breathing. I called out to Ella to tell her what had happened, and to go to the neighbors to see if they could come over. The EMS staff showed up about 5 minutes later, and they determined that her temp was not really very high (I dont recall the number they said, and I didnt see the sheet, but I remember the group of them saying things like "she doesnt feel hot" and "that's not very high" and "that's not that bad" or words to that effect while I was giving info to the guy writing stuff down for his fact sheet. I called my mom, my husband, and a friend from church to come get rElla and Maddie, and then opted to take the ambulance ride withAnnelise instead of following them in the minivan since she was still really lethargic and I ws not sure it wouldnt happen a second time.

We arrived at the ER, and they took her temp, which was 103.4. They gave her tylenol followed immediately by motrin. She started coming around when they did her rectal temp, and was pretty angry for the rest of our time there! The doctor said he thought it was a febrile seizure, and diagnosed her with an ear infection as well. Even with Ella's history of seizures, they opted to not run any tests. I guess I'm okay with that, but I am also not relaxing and assuming it was a one time thing, since Ella's first seizure also coincided with an ear infection, and then a week alter she had 3 more in one night. We got home about 2 hours after we went to the ER, and have had dinner and Annelise is acting like herself. With the amount of medication in her system, combined with the thunderstorm of brain activity from earlier will surely cause her to crash hard in a while.

Please pray that the ER doc was right about this being a febrile seizure, and for health for Annelise. Pray that I can relax and trust God over the next few weeks whether this recurs or was a one time thing. I havent yet looked up info about febrile seizures, I looked it up when Ella had her first one, but not since. Felicity had a simple partial with secondary generalization, Ella's most common type of seizure.

Thanks for praying for us/sending positive vibes to us!


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