Monday, October 19, 2009

Friend Makin Monday Featuring The BlogRollers!

I have made some wonderful friends thanks to social media, and Friend Makin Monday is one of the ways I like to spotlight my friends and share them with you.  There are so many great connections that can be made!  Today's edition features the always amazing and often hilarious women from The Blogrollers together and separately!

 I <3 The Blogrollers!!!  Chatterbox and AskWifey are vivacious, beautiful, innovative, multi-talented,  adventurous, honest, and genuine women.  I met them in person at the Type A Mom Conference I attended last month, and they were easy to spot because they wore their ultra-social-media-geek t-shirts from FollowMeTees with their twitter usernames on the front and "follow me" on the back!  They both knew who I was, too, which was pretty awesome :) 

Chatterbox and AskWifey come across as being very in the moment and present with you, making you feel so at ease with talking to them.  The Blogrollers  say of themselves that they "are all about taking the business and pleasure of blogging and social media to the streets in unique and entertaining ways." 

The BlogRollers  is  a social media consulting firm with a corresponding blog that promotes the power of women bloggers and its impact on the economy and on social media. They offer social media advice, promote other blogs in their blogroll, and chronicle their collective adventures in hilarious and multimedia-filled ways.  I'm going to enjoy getting to know them both better!

In addition to her work with The Blogrollers, http://askwifey.comChristie AKA Chatterbox is a wife, mother, life enrichment coach, an author, and a public speaker!  From The Blogrollers About page: "She has a weekly internet radio talk show on BlogTalk Radio, The ChatterBox,which showcases fabulous bloggers and entrepreneurs as well as allows her to put her gift of gab to good use. She is a published author. Her first book, "Your Big Sister's Guide to Surviving College" debuted the Spring of 2007 and "A Book Is Born" (co-authored) was released in the Fall of that same year." Christie shares her personal journeys, observations,  and insights with unmistakable flair, lots of italics and parentheses, and so very much sincerity on her personal blog "My Life - A Work In Progress".  Chatterbox can also be found on twitter as @chatterboxcgc.  

Lorraine AKA AskWifey  is a former music industry executive, and in addition to being a wife and mom, is also a freelance writer and author. She writes for several national magazines, having appeared in Heart and Soul, Teen People, and Upscale magazines. Lorraine has also published a book called "Help, I'm A Newlywed, What Do I Do Now?" that you can purchase here.  Lorraine has appeared on The Travel Channel’s Great Cruises: Why Not the Mediterranean. Even more exciting, her wedding aired on TLC's A Wedding Story!  She has a fantastic blog at Ask Wifey  where she takes questions and gives advice and direction based on her personal experiences and research, always with her own unique style.  AskWifey can be found on twitter as @askwifey.

I hope you clicked on all my links, and have enjoyed getting to know Chatterbox and AskWifey! Please follow the buttons above and go visit them!


Christie-The ChatterBox said...

And I really thought I was done crying after Blogalicious! It's posts like this that make me remember why I do what I do and more importantly... love what I do. You are a pretty remarkable woman yourself, my dear. I was very glad we got to meet in real life and hope to see you again...and again. Thank you for such a wonderful shout out... my cup runneth over!

Real Life Sarah said...

Here here! I totally agree, they are like a breath of fresh air! And so are you, my dear Jen!

Banteringblonde said...

awww aren't you so awesome to highlight them! They are definitely a force to be reckoned with!

The BlogRollers said...

Aww, it was so great to meet you in real life, too! I love making connections - and new friends, too! Thank you for your kind words and for the love! We *heart* you back!

Winks & Smiles,

Sheliza said...

The BlogRollers ladies are ah-mayzing!!

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