Saturday, August 1, 2009

and the hits just keep coming....

So, the difficult week continues. I feel like there must be a black cloud following me around!

Friday morning I opened the refrigerator and two of my corningware dishes fell out and broke on the floor.. they had contained my really yummy seafood pasta that I was excited to have for lunch. I accidentally left my phone at the craft store because I didn't realize it had fallen out of my purse into the cart, then I got pulled over for not stopping completely enough at a stopsign and ticketed!!

This morning, I was leaving with Ella for an errand, and I pulled halfway up our driveway before realizing I didn't have the new Mastercard that came in the mail. I put the van in park, and left Ella inside. I came out, and the van wasn't in the driveway!


Ella came around the corner of the house, white as a sheet, and said that the van had come out of park and rolled down the driveway and into the fence!

I ran to check, and it had hit our fence.. between two posts, and not affecting the neighbors' fence. Whew!

The van had some superficial scratches above the headlights, but no denting or broken lights. Whew!

I apologized to Ella for the scare, and told her I was glad she was okay. I promised to use the parking brake every time thereafter.

We ran some errands, and our last stop was a garage sale. I found a lazy susan for inside the spice cabinet, an old Tupperware 2 quart container (like my parents made kool-aid in), and a pair of like new white sandals. As Ella and I got in the car, I tried to drive off while her door was still open.

I came home, and decided to lay down for a while. I also decided I shouldn't leave the house while driving again. I thought I might lose a child or get into an accident.

I'm not sure what my problem is. A full week of stressful stuff? Needing a vacation/mental health day? Need to look at increasing my anxiety meds?

What do you think?


Meagan Francis said...

Woah. That just sounds like a straight-up stressful, bad-luck week. I'd have been close to tears after the loss of the seafood pasta, then stressed over losing the phone, and probably would have completely broken down with nerves after the van incident! OMG! I'm so glad Ella is fine...and I hope next week God decides to test out his sense of humor on somebody else.

Anonymous said...

I too have had days like this, sometimes I think it only happens to me. Like...being at the Vet with a dog, cat, sleeping baby, and a 3 year old. The dog poops on the floor, the 3 year old steps in it, and then sits down-grabs a tampon from my purse and asks if it is chocolate! Just part of being a mom, always crazy.


Keep It Classy, Jen said...

Holy Canoli!! You poor thing!!! Sorry that DOES sound like a tough week!

Debbie said...

Wow. It has been a bad stretch for you. Hope it gets better soon.

Melissa said...

Oh boy! You really have had days like that! That's one heck of a day.

Jill @BabyRabies

Fidget said...

the van incident would have completely undone me! I hope next week is better

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