Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A few thoughts on the lack of qualification for services

Regardless of Ella's professional diagnosis of Aspergers, the school does not recognize her need for services because when they have observed and tested her six ways to Sunday, she does not in any way seem to have need of services. She is flourishing at her school, with no services.

She acts out at home. There is not much doubt that she is on the spectrum if you'd observe her for a day or two at home or out in public. But she keeps all that to herself at school. I can't ask them to make our life at home easier by giving her services that they can't see that she needs. As a matter of fact, the school psychologist told me over and over during her IEP that Ella couldn't possibly have Aspergers because she was social, she used toys appropriately, she didn't have an obsession that overtook normal conversation and focus, and she didn't correct the teacher! Besides, she didnt test on the spectrum when they did an autism spectrum test at school. :-P

I am currently researching what it takes to get a 504 plan in place, to give her just a few modifications that would decrease her anxiety level.

If you have other suggestions, I am open to hearing them... but I did sign the IEP because it seemed very clear to all of us that despite her professional diagnoses of Aspergers, Sensory Processing Disorder, Sensory Modulation Dysfunction, Dyspraxia, and Auditory Processing Disorder that she did not need special ed services that an IEP would cover. Having signed it, my goal is to move forward with preparing a 504 plan and talk more with her teacher.


Staumy said...

I am currently going through a similar process with my 8yo here in Australia. We have no formal diagnosis yet but we have an army of specialists working on it. We have had some support from school. The thing I found that has helped the most is that we found him a "go to" person at school. First it was the school receptionist because he liked her. Now she is on holidays its his teacher from last year.If he is feeling overwhelmed he goes to see her. We are probably very lucky because it is a small school and there are some great staff. Its just an idea. Best wishes for success and being heard.

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